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The Profit Canvas Mentorship Program​

Live Coaching is May 2-June 13 

We have a very limited number of spots available for the mentorship program. In order to hold your spot, you must make an initial deposit of $297.

From there, you can let us know if you’d like to pay the balance of the program in full, or via a 12-month payment plan.


What Is Included in the Profit Canvas Program


You can complete on your own time (lifetime access)..

..to use as a reference library as you build and grow your online business! (every time we add to it, you benefit from the latest lessons!)


...so you can workshop your questions live with Alexis and get your questions answered to fulfill the expectations of your 6-week Roadmap


..so you can get quick responses to your questions as they come up, day or night


..so you know exactly what to do to keep your business growing six months after the program ends!


All of the AIB programs have a 30-day quality guarantee:

If after 30 days of the start of the program you have done the exercises/assignments/work and feel it is not a good fit for you, we will refund your payments up to that point after you:


Share with us your exercises/assignments/lessons


Fill out a questionnaire that gives us feedback about your experience so we have the chance to improve the program for others


I want to build and grow 

my art business 

You love your art, you want to improve your sales and you are ready to enroll to the Profit Canvas.

Most Artists Are Blasting a Bullhorn to an Empty Room

Everyone says you have to post on social media to be successful, so you do...

Yet you can’t help the sinking feeling, every time you hit “post” that you’re bothering people…

I see posts like this all the time:

“Hey, I have a new painting for sale. If you’re interested...please?”

“Hey, my new website is ready! Please look at it and let me know what you think.”

“Guess what? I’m being featured in a show this month. Check it out!”

And when I read those posts, my heart goes out to those artists because I can tell they are struggling.

I get it.

You just want to be able to sell your art without feeling stressed, confused, or overwhelmed...

And you’re sick and tired of posting endlessly on social media to crickets.

You know deep down these posts don’t really sound like you. AND they’re not attracting the right people.…

Which leaves you feeling defeated and disappointed because only your art colleagues are liking and commenting (not your ideal buyers!)...

But hey, most of us are creatives and not natural “marketers”.

(The good news is, you don’t have to be a “marketer” to sell art online).

If you’re an artist with a vision to save time, sell more and create a better version of your current business with your art that aligns with your vision and mission as an artist, I welcome you to the Artists In Business community!

The Quick And Easy Process To Find Your Ideal Buyers Online And Sell More Art (Even If You’ve Never Sold Online Before!)


Full access to the Profit Canvas Lessons 

Weekly Live Group Coaching 

24-hour Coaching in the private Group

Six-Month Roadmap Session..

Dare To Master Your Art Business Today (And Make Your First $1K!)

Join The Profit Canvas!

I know you want to learn how to build your business with your art from someone who knows how to actually build a business as an artist.

If you’re like most of the artists I work with, there’s nothing you want more than to ‘create’. It’s deep in your heart of hearts, and probably has been for as long as you can remember. It drives your dreams and shapes who you most want to be.

Yet somewhere along the way, you bought into that tired old story about ‘starving artists’. Those creative folks who just don’t think it’s possible to do the work they love most and ALSO make a consistent income from their talents.

I know because I was one of those artists who allowed those limiting beliefs to stop me- falling for mind tricks that told me I couldn’t create a thriving business with and for my art.

Stop Your Limiting Beliefs

The First Business I Started...Failed Miserably.

And it wasn’t until I brought in a coach to help me that I realized WHY…

Not only did I have key elements of my business plan missing (more about that in a moment)...

I ALSO realized that I had a deep-seated belief that I couldn’t make money from my art.


Once I shifted my beliefs, and put the other key elements in place...

I created a multi-six-figure business with my own art and helped hundreds of other artists do the same.

So, let me make something very clear, it’s not that you can’t build a business based on your art.

You just don’t know how… YET.

As seen on these publications:

Before you can successfully sell your art online, you need to know WHO you’re selling to!

Here’s the thing:

Most “ideal client” exercises will have you create an avatar and imagine what TV shows your clients are watching, give them a fake name, and spin up all kinds of details about them…

(“Mary” loves watching reruns of Friends and anything salted caramel - who cares?)

This might work for other types of businesses, but frankly, it’s a waste of time for artists.

Here’s the missing piece:

I Fell Into the “Avatar Trap” Too...

Hi, I’m Alexis Fedor and I spent hours and hours answering what felt like 1,000 questions to create an ideal client avatar for my business…

The result?


Then I realized...everything I had done was all based on me GUESSING the answers.

So I tried a different, slightly weird approach.

I started from the INSIDE (more on that in a second)...

And I generated $24,850 in just one week (to a list of only 500 people!)

The Secret is: 

Finding out what your clients WANT and NEED.

Most artists are posting on social media without getting results!

90% of artists do not know what their clients WANT.

Anyone who buys art has deeper needs that can’t be discovered simply by going through the standard Avatar process.

Most of the time, they’re not even aware of what those deeper needs are (so how could YOU know them?).

In fact, not 1 in 1,000 business owners really understands the right way to do this.

Once you can figure out what your ideal buyers really NEED (using a simple framework that I’ll share with you…)

You put yourself in the 10% of artists that THRIVE…


  • No more social media crickets.
  • Consistent and predictable sales. 
  • More time in the studio
  • You feel good about selling (it doesn’t even FEEL like selling!)
  • And you attract collectors who will buy everything you offer. 

The Profit Canvas 

Mentorship Program

The simple program to find and attract your ideal buyers online 

(even if you’ve never sold online before!)

The Profit Canvas Mentorship Program is a great tool that help artist create their ideal portrait that captures the inner essence of your subject.

It goes beyond the surface details to create a connection between the subject and the viewer.

Once you know how to see, recreate, and capture the essence of YOUR “subjects” (aka your ideal clients)...

Selling becomes easy and natural because you’ve created a deeper connection.

You’ve discovered that deeper need that triggers an almost unconscious response, that “I gotta have it!” that magnetizes people to your work.

  • Stop Marketing in the Dark.
  • No more social media posts that go nowhere. 
  • Target Your Ideal Buyers Online.
  • Know exactly where they are and how to connect so they respond and engage.
  • Sell your offers!
  • Selling becomes effortless, natural, and even fun! It feels like a win-win.

Once you create your 

Buyer Portrait You Can: 

Start testing the Profit Canvas

Just A Few More Steps And You'll Have Access To Everything You Need To Grow Your Art Business Online




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Full access

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*only one payment and get full access

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*only one payment

30 days access

Weekly group coaching

Workgroup tasks

Complete program

Program discount

Full access

Online meetings

Workgroup tasks

Complete Program

Once you finish the test period, enroll for the full program